My heart goes out to you guys.

Many of these guys run these marathons just because they can or just to prove that they can. There’s no politics involved. There’s no thought of injustice, discrimination or hatred. Just ┬ápeople who want to prove that they can do this mostly to themselves. If I could ever get myself to the point of running anywhere close to those marathon miles, I think I would probably want to do it also. Just to see if I could. Then some asshole has to come in and put a totally different spin on the whole thing. Someone who just has this “burning need” to make a statement or to make themselves known to the world at the expense of others.

Honestly… you (I’m speaking to the asshole) are just not that interesting. Just another loudmouth trying to bully everyone. Say something that makes sense. Say something that makes people sit up and take notice. Something at all that we can actually say okay – that was something I hadn’t thought of… ┬áBombs, really? Is that the only way you can get people to notice you? It’s rather sad when you think about it.