That All Knowing Eye in the Sky…


Opened up my mail and I see this picture of my car along with a fine for not coming to a complete stop at a red light. Ugh, like I really need to be paying out 158.oo. I’ve been working so hard to try and get ahead of that paycheck to paycheck thing and here this ticket shows up and puts me back. Not cool at all!

But that isn’t what Im feeling creeped out about. Getting a ticket – Okay, so fine. I guess I screwed up and turned after only coming to a rolling stop. There were no cars and I needed to get to work. Next time I’ll definitely be more careful.

No, the creepy part is seeing me and my car photographed in on the paper that they sent me. To know that I’m being watched without really realizing it. It kind of brought home that we truly have arrived in that Big Brother age where we are watched just about 24/7 no matter where we are, with the only exception being when we are in our own homes. I have mixed feelings about it. There are so many instances where surveillance cameras have actually pinpointed a criminal or caught on to some outrageous act that shouldn’t be condoned, that’s where it’s really good to have them around. However, it does feel rather like I’m being violated when I see myself or my car on camera. When I looked at my car on that little piece of paper, I wondered just how many other instances I’m captured on camera. No matter how you look at it, it’s rather embarrassing to think of it. It’s almost as if we need to walk around looking fine and saying cheese all the time in public.

It’s kind of sad, I’m old enough to remember times when we could go be goofy, crazy and just be ourselves without wondering if there’s something watching. It’s almost better to have an actual cop show up with flashing lights to give you a ticket right then and there than to find something in the mail weeks after the fact. It just feels weird. You know?? It’s just better to be punished for something at the moment you’re doing the “crime”, rather than weeks later when you barely remember it. I guess that’s the age we finally arrived at. It’s been talked about for years. Movies have been made regarding the whole Big Brother watching thing for years. Now, we’re truly here and I”m not so sure I appreciate my privacy being invaded like that on a daily basis.

I’m sort of amused at the moment as I write this because I’m realizing that I’ve arrived at the point where I can reminisce about the “good ol’ days”. I used to laugh at the older folks for always talking about the past. “Just move on and get with the present.” I would always think. Today, I’m realizing that yes, the past was a simpler time. It was a time when we could just let loose and have some innocent fun without so many people being evil. We could play and be ourselves without wondering if something or someone is watching.

You know what, I realize times change. Things are different and will continue to change as the years go by, but I honestly wouldn’t trade my time for anything. Being watched and captured on cameras all over town just isn’t that appealing to me and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse in the future.



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